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Girls Hoo Hack
Girls Hoo Hack is a virtual 48-hour hackathon hosted by Girls Who Code at UVA that aims to foster a community of diverse thought and skill.

Coders of all levels of experience have the opportunity to work together with teams and mentors, attend educational workshops, and code action-oriented projects that reflect innovation, diverse perspectives, and empowerment.
Girls Who Code at the University of Virginia (UVA) is a College Loop of the nationwide Girls Who Code nonprofit organization. GWC at UVA aims to close the gender gap in technology by creating opportunities for young women to explore technology.
What is it?
The Girls Who Code at UVA's JumpStart program is a series of introductory workshops exclusive to Girls Who Code at UVA members. The goal of this program is to help guide first-time hackathon participants with developing their first projects. Workshops will be led by Girls Who Code at UVA's executive team and members and will be geared towards learning hackathon fundamentals and how to get started on a project!

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What Is a Hackathon?

Monday, Oct 12

Hackathons can seem intimidating to beginners, but we’re here to debunk hackathon myths and stereotypes. We’ll go over what a hackathon is, what Girls Hoo Hack 2020 will look like, answer your questions, and help you get started on your first hackathon!

Starting Your First Project

Tuesday, Oct 13

The possibilities are endless when brainstorming project ideas! We’re here to help you bounce around project ideas and guide you through the brainstorming process.

Getting Started with GitHub

Wednesday, Oct 14

Using GitHub makes collaboration with team members easier! Learn how to create an account, become familiar with the GitHub platform, and use a best practice collaboration workflow locally and globally.

Finding Your Team

Thursday, Oct 15

Working with other team members is a great way to generate new ideas, find different perspectives, empower each other, and foster diversity of thought. We’ll use this workshop session to help build teams in preparation for Girls Hoo Hack and give some tips on how to be successful as a team!

Google Cloud Hero

Friday, Oct 16

Google Cloud Hero is a great opportunity to learn the fundamental tools and capabilities of Google Cloud, share an engaging experience, and experience virtual training with a little competition thrown in for fun. Meet with Google representatives and learn how to use Google Cloud in a fun and interactive way!

Saturday, Oct 17
9  am
Opening Ceremony
10 am
Begin Hacking
11 am
Acing Technical Interviews with WillowTree
12 pm
Escape Room with GWC
130 pm
What’s all the fuss about Data Science?
1  pm
Career Panel with Maxar
2  pm
Introduction to Satellites with Maxar
2  pm
Google Cloud Hero
3  pm
Introduction to DevOps/DevSecOps with Maxar
3  pm
Free and Open Source Software Overview with Maxar
4  pm
Data Science Overview with Maxar
4  pm
Front-End Development Overview
5  pm
Microsoft Azure Chat Bot with GWCUVA
7  pm
Bob Ross Microsoft Painting with MLH
Sunday, Oct 18
930 am
Morning Yoga
10 am
Individual Sessions: Resume Review and Interview Tips with Maxar
12 pm
Introduction to Agile and Scrum with Maxar
12 pm
Firebase Tech Talk with Google Cloud
1  pm
Girls Hoo Hack 2020 Networking Event
Participating Sponsors: Google Cloud, Maxar, UVA School of Data Science, Willowtree Join Zoom Now 
3  pm
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Maxar
4  pm
Working Together on Common Humanitarian Goals with Maxar
4  pm
Building Effective Communication Skills with Chinmayi Balusu
530 pm
Capture the Flag (CTF) with MLH
7  pm
830 pm
10 pm
Closing Ceremony

Women Empowerment

Join us in our mission to decrease gender disparity in the STEM workforce! Build a project that empowers women and emphasizes diversity.
Prize : $150 per team, a year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition, and a one-year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro, valued at $375.

Best Overall

This prize will be awarded to the project that exhibits creativity, innovation, and diversity of thought. Special consideration will be given to projects that promote women empowerment and the goals of Girls Hoo Hack and Girls Who Code at UVA.
Prize : $150 per team, a year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition, and a one-year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro, valued at $375

Best Beginner

This prize is reserved for the best project by beginner hackers. A team of beginner hackers is defined as a team with no prior experience at a hackathon.
Prize : $150 per team


This prize is reserved for a project that helps address obstacles in education today. Special consideration will be given to projects that provide solutions for obstacles to education related to COVID-19 and online learning.
Prize : $150 per team.

Best Use of Google Cloud

This prize is reserved for a project that best utilizes any Google Cloud product.
First Place Prize : Google Cloud-branded Patagonia backpack, water bottle, and trophy.
Second Place Prize : Google Nest Mini(s)
Select projects may receive an invitation to apply to the Google Cloud COVID-19 hackathon fund awarding up to $5,000 in cloud credits and guidance from Google developers.

Best Domain Registered with

Register a .tech, .space, or .online domain name using during the weekend. Each team may submit one entry per person on the team. Each winning team member will receive a PowerSquare Qi wireless phone charger.
Prize : Power Square Qi wireless phone charger

Best Hardware Hack Sponsored by Digi-Key

Using your preferred hardware or hardware emulator, build a hack for your chance to win a Grove Beginner Kit, with Arduino Uno R3 included. 1 prize for each winning team member with 2 winning teams per event!
Prize : Grove Beginner Kits

What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is best described as an “invention marathon”. Anyone who has an interest in technology attends a hackathon to learn, build & share their creations over the course of a weekend in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. You don’t have to be a programmer and you certainly don’t have to be majoring in Computer Science.
Who can participate?
Girls Hoo Hack is open to all college-aged students or anyone who has graduated within the last 12 months. We welcome all women, non-binary individuals, and women supporters.
What if I don't know how to code?
Not a problem! The entire Major League Hacking team knew very little when they attended their very first hackathon. It’s irrelevant what your prior experience is; it’s more about your interest in technology. Every MLH Member Event is passionate about making hackathons welcoming and beginner-friendly. If you want to learn how to code outside of a hackathon, you should check out the following: Treehouse, Codecademy and the Major League Hacking blog.
Are there any fees to participate?
Girls Hoo Hack is free for all participants! Throughout the event, there will also be fun opportunities to get smaller prizes, swag, and more!
How many people can be on a team?
A team can have 1-4 members.